In addition to causing health havoc for you and your family, mold makes your home unsightly and showcases poor hygiene. Additionally, it could destroy the area of the house where it lives. For this reason, as a homeowner, you need to look for ways to get rid of it as soon as you spot it.

Luckily, there are mold remediation companies that could help you solve your problem. However, with the many companies in the market today, it is likely for you to fall into the traps set by good marketing and advertisement and end up making some expensive and time-consuming decisions. Here is an insight to help you ensure that you pick the best company.


Having mold growth in your home is not an issue that should be taken lightly. For this reason, the best technicians suitable for theĀ mold removal south florida job are those who have been through some extensive training and had the certifications to do the job professionally.

Additionally, ensure that you pick a company that has a license and is equipped with all the requirement and certificates needed. This will help you have more confidence in the mold removal company you intend to hire.

Kind of Mold Testing They Do

When given a mold removal contract, one of the things that the company does is test for it, for instance in the air. Professionally, there are two methods used to test it, instascope testing, and Air-O-cell testing. With Air-O-Cell testing, some air is captured and taken to the lab to measure the amount of mold in the atmosphere.

On the other hand, instascope testing uses a piece of equipment that accurately reads the amount of mold in the air and gives results in real time. After determining the kind of mold testing that you prefer, you can later pick a removal company that fits your needs.

Customer Reviews and Online Reputations

One of the best places to get the most reliable information is from the customers’ reviews. You can get this information from various online platforms or consult a friend how has used mold removal companies. You will get information from people who have used such companies and help you make a more informed decision. Additionally, be careful when viewing the online reviews to avoid falling prey of the company’s competitors who may give negative reviews for a good company.

Have Enough Paperwork

More often than not, you may tend to assume or do away with the paperwork in an attempt to make to ease the process. However, this may end up causing more harm than good. You should, therefore, avoid estimates and have enough paperwork.

Have an outline of all the work that intends to be done written down for follow up. This way, you have a checklist that you and the company can use to make sure there is no marked area left out.

Consider Their Guarantee Policy

For a genuine company, they will be in a position to give you a guarantee of the work that they do. For this reason, before settling on any company, ensure that you consider their guarantee policy. Discuss every issue in details such as their policy in case of any damage and clarify their work practices. This will help you eliminate the companies that clean the mold and leave you to deal with any damage that has occurred.



Having a mold infestation in your home is a serious problem. It is important therefore, that as soon as you realize it you need to make fast and well-informed decisions. Picking a mold removal company is one of the critical tasks that you need to carry out at this time. Though this may seem like a straightforward task, it is easier said than done. Consider the tips above when looking for a mold removal company to ensure that you hire the best.