Are you interested in this hobby involving model building? The art which requires use of both hands and coming up with a unique model. Then this is the right place to know of model kits in case you want to try out something new. Often, model kits have to be put together from the various small pieces to come up with a final product. Assembling of materials or components by a builder is called model building as a hobby. A builder may choose to model aircraft, build models, model ships, etc. There are different materials such as wood, plastics or metal which can help in modeling kits. With the method you decide to use, the elements are put together using glue, screw or small nails or the three may be combined. For some of the models, there is a need to paint to be seen as same as the one that will be on the box.

Designing a wooden kit Designing a wooden kit is a great hobby and creating it is not a difficult task. The first thing you should be aware of the guidelines and the building plan. Apart from the guidelines and building plan, you have to know the steps required. Generally, it involves assembling, painting and applying markings. Once the procedure is over, it is good to show out your work, and various stores are available which can display the art.

Wooden model kits have various scales depending on the designer’s preference. The scales are in ranges such as 1:10, or 1:2500, and the scale is significant as it informs you how the ship or boat has been shrunk when the model is compared to the original. For example, in a ratio of 1:1, it means that one foot of the model is equal to the original. The scales vary depending on if the model is either a ship, aircrafts or small planes. Aircrafts may use larger scales compared to the smaller planes.

Model kits also are of different skills. A model kit will either be in one of the five skill levels. The skills represent how hard it will be to complete making the model. The first skill level involves putting pieces together without the use of glue or any paint. Skill level two is somehow simple and requires the use of glue or paint to complete. In most cases, pieces not more than 100 will be of help. In skill level three, smaller parts and more detailed are required, and pieces exceeding hundred is essential. With skill level four, more advanced kits with finer details and pieces more than hundred. The last skill level is only for the skilled personnel. More detailed parts are essential and have moving parts.

At times there are some exemptions. Model kits that are made by Airfix involve the use of glue and paint. In this case, level one is also their level two. At times you may find a kit that has not mentioned a skill level. It will then be taken as a level four kit.